Welcome to the IGO Solar Energy Project


The PNOC Solar Home Systems Distribution Project brochure
very aptly says in Tagalog ...

"Handog na Liwanag ... Tanglaw sa ating mga Pangarap"
(my English version: "A Gift of Light ... To Brighten our Dreams")

     In this age of technology, most of us take everything for granted. We flick a single switch without thinking and a room is flooded with light, the stove comes alive to let us cook, the television entertains us, the furnace warms us on cold days, the air conditioner cools us during the sweltering heat of summer, and the computer starts purring to get us connected to the world ...

     While we enjoy all these luxuries, there are still many people in isolated parts of the world who have never experienced the most basic of things, an electric light bulb. There are still many children who battle with their homework at night with the aid of kerosene lamps or candles that also exposes them to pollutants.

     How can we make life a little bit easier for these folks? How can we empower them to make the evenings available to opportunity for profit-earning activities, for homework or just to relax? How can we help the children in improving literacy? How can we help in improving health?

     These communities are too isolated and are currently unreachable by roads. They have no hope of getting connected to electricity for many decades to come. Their only hope of getting some form of electricity is through solar energy. And that is the purpose of the Solar Energy Project. It is an opportunity to bring the modern world to these remote communities. Through that, we make a major difference in their lives. Let us all support the project.



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